District 12 (EMEA) Students (1997–2017)
Europe / Middle-east / Africa


The mission of the International Society for Measurement and Control, the ISA, is to advance the technology and the competence and careers of practitioners worldwide for the benefit of industry and humanity.

Advancing the technology involves the high level Research and Development at the Technical Universities and Institutions where scientists worldwide create new theory and practices. Our competence and careers start also at these institutions where our future practitioners, you the students, are being formed trained and prepared for the future.

It is therefore one of the most important focus areas of our Society to help and facilitate students during their studies in our professional fields. Over the years ISA has developed to become the primary source for information on measurement and control technologies. With training courses and materials, technical publications and magazines, standards and practices and other means, leading to a complete “knowhow house of information”, available for professors and students.

Our world is changing on a very fast pace with electronic (data) communications and disappearing borders, becoming “one large village”. International careers come into reach of our students requiring you to start early in developing a global view, international contacts and visibility as well as a contact-network to create future opportunities. The ISA is offering all that to you if you join ISA as student member and become actively involved in our student programs, such as the European student paper competitions, International Student team competitions and other interesting European and global student activities.

Therefore, we welcome you students and urge you to join ISA European Region as a student member. We assure you it will pay off now and in the future. For the benefits of humanity.

Cor van Rouwendaal,
ISA Chairman European Region 1997/1998