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ISA-JIC student section activities in semesters 301-302 (2009-2010)

ISA-JIC student section has achieved very significant goals in 301 and 302 semesters(2009-2010), not only for the student members but for the E&EET staff as well as to the department. ISA-JIC section Members has increased from 17 to 37. The section has conducted many presentations and seminars within the department .Also, there were two technical courses in very important systems, one was on the YOKOGAWA DCS and the other was on PLC.

To promote and integrate the section members with the local industries and the latest developments in instrumentation and control, we always encourage them to attend the regular ISA seminars and meetings inside the kingdom, especially Jubail and Alkhobar events.

Below are some details about the achievements and the events which took place inside the department and the ISA meetings which some of instructors and student have attended and participate.

1. ISA-JIC section Members:

ISA-JIC section Membership has jump from 17 to 37 members, 27 members are active members and 10 are listed in active grace list. The attachement#1 shows the list of all active members in the section.

JUBAIL Section Roster Data Current as of: 06/07/2010

No.IdFirst NameLast NameAddressCity
1 33144467 Mohammed Abid PO Box 10099 Jubail Industrial City
2 33134749 Ali Abu Hulaigah PO Box 16002 Al-Khobar
3 33149482 Ahmed Ahmed PO Box 101342 Jeddah
4 33144478 Abdullah Al Dossary PO Box 2538 Jubail Industrial City
5 33169339 Hussain Al Mulla PO Box 806 Safwa
6 33134750 Mokhtar Al Obidan PO Box 40018 Al-ahssa
7 33169338 Ali Al Saeed PO Box 806 Safwa
8 33134759 Hamad Al-Aamri PO Box 10099 Jubail Industrial City
9 33157665 Abdullah Al-Bishi PO Box 20 188 Al-khobar
10 33149484 Hussain Al-Ghazwi PO Box 16068 Qateef City
11 33169343 Ahmad Al-Hamdan PO Box 16305 Qatif
12 33134757 Fawaz Al-Harbi PO Box 10099 Jubail Industrial City
13 33169340 Ali Al-Jaffar PO Box 7930 Ras Tanwarh
14 33144472 Abdullatis Alnaeem PO Box 2484 Dammam
15 33144481 Ayman Al-Nasser PO Box 9241 Jubail Industrial City
16 33134756 Aali Al-Otaibi PO Box 10099 Jubail Industrial City
17 33144470 Turki Alqahtani PO Box 1241 Dhahran
18 33157666 Turki Al-Qahtani PO Box 11060 Jubail
19 33169342 Mustafa Al-Saffar PO Box 35425 Jubail
20 33157667 Abdullah Al-Shammri PO Box 8142 Jubail
21 33149475 Ahmed Al-Yamani PO Box 101342 Jeddah
22 33144485 Fouad Alzahrani PO Box 8307 Jubail
23 33157668 Mohammad Balhareth PO Box 64 Ras Tanarh
24 33134760 Yousef Bo-Kheder PO Box 10066 Jubail Industrial City
25 33149481 Ammar Marghalani PO Box 101342 Jeddah
26 33134753 Mohammad Moqibil PO Box 4 Dammam
27 33149479 Abdulmejeed Tawili PO Box 101342 Jeddah

2. Presentations within E&EET Department:

No. Title Date No. of Participants
(Student + Staff)
Offered by
1 ISA-Student Membership Benefits Tue, 11/3/2009 40 Mr. Hassan Algarni (Section Advisor)
2 DC Motor Speed Control Using 8051 Microcontroller Tue, 5/1/2010 40 Mr. Nawaf Al-Mutairi (JIC - Instr.Instructor)
3 Dynamic Surge Curves Tue, 1/6/2010 40 Eng. Ali Al-Zahrani (Maintenance Superintendant - SABIC)

Pictures from ISA-Student Membership Benefits Presentation, presented by Mr. Hassan Algarni (Section Advisor):

Pictures from Dynamic Surge Curves presentation, presented by Eng. Ali Al-Zahrani (Maintenance Superintendant - SABIC):

3. Seminars and Training within E&EET Department:

No.TitleDateNo. of Participants
(Student + Staff)
Offered by
to 11/5/2010
16 Mr. Jamal Al-Bargouthi
(JIC Instr. Instructor)
2 PLC Hand’s on seminar Wed, 26-5-2010 6 Mr. Rashad Al-Kakkali

Pictures from YOKOGAWA DCS BASIC COURSE for ISA members presented by Mr. Jamal Al-Barghouthi:

Pictures from PLC seminar training, conducted by Mr. Rashad Alkakkali:

4. ISA-Saudi Chapter Meetings and Seminars: ISA-JIC members are attending many seminars and meetings which arranged by ISA Saudi Chapter.